Channel Manager

Perfectly connected in two ways with the PMS, it allows you to automatically and in real time update the prices, availability and any restrictions of the rooms for sale on all online channels, by simply entering the reservations directly in the PMS planning.

Connected with all OTAs and online booking portals

The room availability inventory on the various online channels decreases with each booking and increases after each cancellation without the need for manual intervention. Our channel manager allows you to connect to more than 500 OTAs. Here are the main ones:

Your best partner on online sales

Intuitive interface: not all channel managers are the same! BookNowHotel is designed to be used by everyone, even by those less familiar with hotel management software.

Connected with the PMS: when a customer books a room, the system automatically decreases availability in the other channels and the booking appears immediately on your planning.

Prevent errors: rates and availability are automatically synchronized across all channels in few seconds, so to avoid unpleasant inconveniences due to human errors, which only waste time and money.

No more overbooking anxiety: The Channel Manager constantly updates the OTA portals and updates availability and rates in real time, avoiding the stress of having to access each portal to reduce or block availability.


BookNowHotel guarantees you maximum security in every data exchange. How? Simple, the exchange of information between the Channel Manager and the distribution channels takes place via secure interfaces on certified servers. Your customer data is in good hands!


The Channel Manager supports your sales strategy, increase the revenue streams per room and the occupancy rate of your property. Increase your visibility on your distribution channels and manage everything comfortably from a single interface.


Your new right-hand man automatically updates rates and availability on all portals, applying the rate lists you have selected. Quickly copy all data from one channel to another without re-entering data to avoid any possibility of making a mistake.


No need to install anything on your computer! All you need is a simple internet connection to access everything about your facility. Even without a computer, you can access from your smartphones and tablet, wherever you are with maximum flexibility.


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The Channel Manager for your hotel!

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