Sales Management

Would you like to optimize the sales of your Hotel but you are running low of time and resources to do it yourself? BookNowHotel can offer an efficient outsourced Sales Management service, that will look after all aspects of your sales and marketing strategy.

Customized Sales Support

Our customers can access a full “tailor made” sales support, designed and customized to suits their needs. A special focus will be given on all online and offline distribution channels, always respecting the hotel’s target customers and market, business style, rates and services.

Sales Strategy

Starting from the property’s history data compared within its market and competitors, we will identify the best sales strategy and the most effective sales partners to build a distribution network that will intercept as many customers as possible.

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Online and offline distribution

Aiming at reaching and maintaining an excellent ranking on all search results, we will start the sales on selected OTAs and we will entirely look after all distribution related aspects, from contracts to contents.
At the same time, we will take care of B2B distribution, both online connected with BAR contracts and offline with FIT rates, free sale or allotment will be negotiated according to the specific needs of the client.

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Marketing and Revenue

Our web-marketing strategies will help you improve your online presence and our outsourced revenue management consulting will support you with the right pricing and distribution policies. All our joint efforts will be focused on ensuring you will maximize your profits.

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Sales Monitoring

Pick-up and sales will be consistently monitored to maintain the strategy in focus and keep yielding profits. Detailed reports will be regularly sent out to our clients and any change or adjustment needed will be discuss promptly to make sure targets are hit.

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Reservations Management and Outsourced CRO

Outsource the management of your booking office to us and our Central Reservation Office (CRO) will attentively look after all your future guests needs and requests. Our CRO will take care of all enquiries and bookings coming from OTAs, Tour Operators or direct customers. Having us on board, you will be able to focus exclusively on the on-site management of your property.

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