Hotel Revenue Management

By outsourcing your revenue management to us you will have access to an experienced dedicated Revenue Manager, who will look after all aspects of your sales and revenue strategy.

Are you maximizing your hotel’s profitability?

We have been in the revenue management business for over a decade and have contributed to improve the profits of hundreds of clients, our team has the expertise needed to enhance your profitability.

One of our dedicated Revenue Manager will guide you towards the most effective strategy and will ensure you get an optimal pricing and distribution platform, exactly as having one on site in your team, but at a much more convenient price.

Outsourcing your revenue management with us is a flexible and cost-effective way to boost your profits.

Competitors and Market Analysis

Our first step will be to analyze your competitors and find their strengths and their weaknesses, then we will identify your markets and find the best way to raise the right awareness of your unique selling proposition within its target audience, which will then be attentively segmented.

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Historical Data Analysis

Having established a target market, we will review your hotel’s performance over the previous years. We will then build a demand calendar that will be used to support yielding.

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Benchmarking and Cost Analysis

We will compare and benchmark prices and distribution channels of your competitors to understand which pricing level will be adequate to penetrate the market and increase the conversion from existing or new channels. Working closely on your side, we will establish a CostPAR index and build a customized forecast model that will consider costs, revenue and year-on-year pace.

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Pricing and Distribution

Thanks to our inhouse developed revenue management software, we will set up an optimal pricing grid for your property and load rates across all your channels. Revenue and distribution strategies will be discussed in detail and implemented accordingly.

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Daily Revenue Management

On a regular basis we will take care of the revenue management related tasks and maintain an updated and accurate report and forecast system that will be regularly shared and discussed with you.

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